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About Us

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Max-e-mize Holding specializes in computer-aided automated trading and the development of market analysis systems and portfolio management systems based on artificial intelligence.

We are a team of traders and engineers who have been successfully developing Future-Trading-Strategies for more than 18 years.

Our systems record political, economic, climatic and forward-looking events every second and integrate the findings gained simultaneous into the entry and exit scenarios of our strategies.

In recent years, we have combined our activities with the biggest finance players to benefit from cost savings through synergies and to guarantee maximum security for our clients.

What sets us apart from most other financial institutions is that our products are independent of commitments and holdings of a third party, allowing our clients to participate with exceptional returns, without profit-distorting costs and low initial capital.

We continue to lead with pride a modern and dynamic company and commit to continue in the same direction and with the same motivation that our founders have built.