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Max Benefit Easy


The core of our system is an extremely adaptive software solution (based on artificial intelligence), which was initially developed by eight software developers in collaboration with six experienced fund managers in 2004.

The KI-system operates autonomously on the world's largest financial markets and successfully trades a wide range of products from energy, agricultural, raw materials, precious metals and monetary sector.

With more than 40,000 analyses per second, the KI-system recognizes the behavior of each market earlier than any investor by predicting properly the decisions of competing systems.

The results are unique and give every investor the opportunity to participate in this profitable system with a success rate of 96.3%.

You can see in our sample portfolios, which are also managed by the KI-System this success:

- sample portfolio for the German stock index DAX => [ 205,20 % ] => DAX-Chart-Trades

- sample portfolio for the Standard and Poor's Market S&P 500 => [ 129,79 % ] => ES-Chart-Trades

- sample portfolio for the Euro => [ 93,51 % ] => EC-Chart-Trades

- sample portfolio for the Nasdaq-Index-Future Market Nasdaq 100 => [ 109,91 % ] => NQ-Chart-Trades

- sample portfolio for cryptocurrencies => [ 117,93 % ]

detailed description

invest now, benefit immediately

Max Benefit Easy closes your supply gap with a guaranteed and lifelong immediate annuity.

With a minimum deposit of € 25,000, you receive an annual guaranteed income of 2,500 euros to support your commitments and consumer wishes.

Your investment guarantees you a constant annual return of 10% of the initial capital. The return remains constant during the entire investment period and will not be affected by interest rate fluctuations in the market, which are based on interest rate decisions of the central banks or federal banks.

Max Benefit Easy allows you to get the return on the capital you have entrusted to us directly to your bank account every 6 months without waiting for the end of the contract term.

Use your savings efficiently and let your money work for you.

your advantages

  annual constant interest rate of 10% with a minimum deposit of 25,000 euros

  guaranteed monthly income to your bank account

  maximum capital increase in each investment year

  flexible terms of 24, 36, 48, 60 months

  free account

  online access

  Gift voucher in the amount of 250,00 Euro (> = 25,000 Euro)

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