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What is the KI-System

The KI-System is a highly adaptive software solution (based on artificial intelligence) initially developed by eight software developers in collaboration with six experienced fund managers in 2004.

The KI-S​system operates autonomously on the world's largest financial markets and successfully trades a wide range of products in the energy, agricultural, commodities, precious metals and currency sectors.

With more than 40,000 analyzes per second, the KI-System recognizes the behavior of each market - earlier than any investor - by properly anticipating the decisions of competing systems.
The results are unique and give every investor the opportunity to participate in this profitable system with a probability of success of 96.3%.

Artificial intelligence not only means implementing the right entry and exit conditions in the markets, but also applying intelligent, adaptive risk management that automatically adapts to the ever-changing circumstances. As a result, performance is guaranteed and steadily expanded without suffering major setbacks.
With the help of sophisticated money management the system always decides properly in which markets, when and with which weighting should be invested. The entire course of all transactions is constantly monitored.

Our IT department oversees and continually evolves the system to not only keep up with technological advancements, but to stay one step ahead of competing systems.

The result of this method is one of the great secrets of our success.

What investment amount do I need to start?

For Max-Turbo Depot and for Max-Benefit Easy, the minimum deposit is 25,000 euros.

For Max-Depot, the minimum deposit is 15,000 euros.

How long is the contract term?

Max-Depot and Max-Benefit Easy have a minimum term of 24 months.

Max-Turbo Depot has a minimum term of 36 months.

Then you can have your total capital paid out to a bank account, at the bank of your choice, or reinvest it in another program. Whatever you decide to do, we are happy to advise you.

What happens with my money in case of decease?

In case of decease, the credit balance incl. all accrued interest income will be paid in full to the heirs of the deceased.